Version History


  1. Fixed 2 world generation bugs that rarely caused players to get stuck
  2. Updated jMonkeyEngine, which includes a new opening configuration screen


  1. Boss room doors won’t unlock until you pick up the rewarded item
  2. Charged Spread Shot will shoot more projectiles
  3. The Ice Cannon will slow enemies a bit more
  4. Bombs will now attract enemies when placed
  5. Increased Beam Cannon damage
  6. Reduced box health & thrown damage
  7. Slightly increased damage from normal enemies


  1. Modified & normalized boss battle difficulty & cover
  2. Fixed some minor lighting bugs
  3. Made some changes to hopefully fix the sporadic “Out of Memory” error when reloading games


  1. Fixed audio crashing bugs
  2. Fixed some sounds that were not played in 3D space properly


  1. Fixed a bug that caused some generated worlds to be incomplete & unbeatable
  2. Health upgrades should now be easier to find
  3. Secret room doors will now always be blue (e.g. openable with any weapon)
  4. Enemy limbs now have less health (makes them easier to blow off)
  5. Enemy sight distance reduced; enemies will not engage unless you get closer to them
  6. Worlds will feature more “hubs” and even less linear generation


  1. Unexplored doors will now be indicated on the map
  2. “Transition” rooms (rooms linking two zones together) are now indicated on the map
  3. Health upgrades should now be more consistently placed
  4. Boss rooms will now always be indicated on the map, even after the boss has been defeated
  5. Updated to the latest jMonkeyEngine build


  1. Fixed a crash when entering some rooms


  1. Health will now drop instead of nothing when player is <50% health
  2. Enemy weapon immunity has been tweaked & made more balanced
  3. Enemy health will increase slower as game difficulty increases
  4. Fixed “Shields” item description text
  5. “Advanced Vision” will now be placed later in the game, but more easily discovered


  1. Added a boss health meter
  2. Made boss rooms a bit bigger to help with dodging & cover
  3. Fixed a lockup when trying to switch secondary abilities without any secondary abilities
  4. Bosses will no longer be made invulnerable to the starting weapon
  5. Fixed a rare “AddDecoration” crash when entering a room
  6. Fixed the grappling hook cheat in the “Dash” requirement room
  7. Increased the contrast between missile and super missile doors


  1. New world generation option: “Consecutive? Yes/No” (“No” will generate shortcuts & “sequence breaking” paths)
  2. Slightly shortened & normalized foliage height


  1. Added a mushroom foliage type (requires new world to generate)
  2. Increased generation of “puzzle” rooms
  3. Fixed swimming when loading a saved game in a submerged room
  4. Fixed the grappling hook after dieing while using the grappling hook
  5. Made the grappling hook only pickup “normal” items


  1. Added “Video Stats” to prepare for contest video submissions (enabled via Effects Config)
  2. Fixed the heat/ice overlays from staying on a newly started or loaded games
  3. Fixed the portal sound from repeating when winning the game
  4. Fixed enemies (particularly bosses) from spawning stuck in walls


  1. Fixed a crash when using the rescue key after using the GraviGun
  2. Fixed zap effects when tethering an enemy to an electrical source
  3. Fixed a lockup when end-game explosions happen in certain rooms
  4. Improved door models


  1. Foliage! Now rooms will be generated with grass, bushes & more
  2. Enemies will spawn more spread out in a room; not mashed together
  3. Increased the explosion radius of bombs & explosive boxes
  4. Tethering beam projectile speed increased
  5. Homing projectiles fixed (again, and hopefully for good!)
  6. Effects configuration now saved on exit & startup
  7. Improved the crash window with more information to help debugging


  1. Fixed shots sometimes passing through floors & enemies
  2. Fixed grappling hook disabling the Swim Module
  3. Contained a rare crash when trying to use the rescue key
  4. Capped explosion effects to not cause lag
  5. Increased the amount of secret rooms & expansion item rooms
  6. Increased the maximum “Rooms To Item” option from 9 to 15
  7. Fixed a “pitch must be between 0.5 and 2” crash
  8. Fixed homing projectiles & missiles; should be more reliable
  9. Charged Ice Cannon projectiles will freeze enemies longer
  10. Charged Blaster projectiles will do more homing on targets
  11. Fixed elevator platform generation


  1. Fixed dynamic lighting
  2. Improved texture scaling
  3. Improved light placement
  4. World generation is less linear; more “hub” rooms
  5. Normalized random texture picking along walls
  6. Color selection is more natural; less saturated
  7. Fixed a bug that caused damage when entering a small spiked room
  8. Placed dual-fire weapons a bit closer together
  9. Put some gameplay tips in the loading dialog box
  10. Fixed dialog box sizing & alignment
  11. Extended enemy beam weapons
  12. Slowed enemy projectiles in water zones to be easier to dodge
  13. Fixed spelling errors in the opening story
  14. Other minor performance tweaks


  1. Fixed a crash when right-clicking with no secondary ability


  1. First public alpha release!
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