Gentrieve 2 Update: Generation Fixes

Hey all,

After a bit of testing & user reports (thanks!), I identified and fixed 2 room generation bugs. The first would make some grappling hook bars too short & the other allowed junk to be placed in front of doors in small item rooms. Due to these changes, you may notice worlds being generated slightly different due to the random number generator being accessed a bit differently.

Thank you again for your support & I hope you all are enjoying the game 🙂

– Phr00t


4 thoughts on “Gentrieve 2 Update: Generation Fixes

  1. Does this include a fix for entering boss rooms with two or more bosses in them? (And sometimes one of them spawns almost right on top of you)

    • I haven’t had that reported as problematic before… enemies should be spawning far enough away from doors. What I suspect happens is an enemy spawns far away from the door, but directly upwards — and if the enemy isn’t flying, it will fall on your head. However, there is a short period of invulnerability when entering a room, so even if an enemy manages to fall on your head, it shouldn’t do damage & you should have enough time to find shelter.

      • I haven’t encounter any flight-capable bosses as of yet, so that’s probably what’s happening. I don’t suppose you could clue me in onto their aiming routines, could you? Do they ‘lead’ there shots, or do they shoot directly at me?

      • Their movement patterns are random, but they will try and seek out line-of-sight contact with you to fire. Enemies do “lead” shots, so running in the same direction will make you get hit often. You have to be constantly changing direction to dodge projectiles the best — or at least change your direction shortly after some projectiles got fired. Good luck!

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