: Current Contest :

A contest is live! We will have a leader board with links to your YouTube video here.

This contest is a “custom” generator game with the name “racestart” (in all lower caps). Disable items “Spread Shot”, “Bomb”, “Tether Beam”, “Swim Module”, “Flame Shell” & “Frost Shell”. Active items & options (with a Y) should be “Ice Cannon”, “Beam Cannon”, “Missile”, “Super Missile”, Double Jump”, “Dash”, “GraviGun”, “Grappling Hook”, “Save Rooms” & “Random Start Item”. If you are playing the correct world, you should start with “Bomb” and be in a very blue room!

You must be playing v1.12 and abide by the contest rules below to get on the leader board! The winners will be sorted by completion time — good luck! The contest will end on April 12th.

: Winners :

To be announced…

: Contest Rules :

  1. You must record yourself playing Gentrieve 2, from the start to the ending statistics screen, and upload this video to YouTube before the contest ends.
  2. Your video must show the “Video Stats” at all times. This option will need to be enabled in the Effects configuration.
  3. You will need the full version of the game to play and win contests. If your purchase cannot be verified, your entry will be disqualified.
  4. Save Rooms can be used, and you can edit out gameplay footage that was “overwritten” by a loaded save. However, all gameplay that contributes to the final time must be accounted for in the video.
  5. You must submit your entry (e.g. the YouTube video link) in the official forum by replying to the applicable contest thread. You can have multiple entries.
  6. Winners will be announced here after thorough review of top entries after the contest ends. Entries are subject to disqualification.

: Contest Tips :

  1. Use a desktop recording tool to record your Gentrieve 2 gameplay. I recommend or for Windows. RecordMyDesktop may work for you on Linux / Ubuntu.
  2. You may need to disable some special effects or run Gentrieve 2 in a smaller (e.g. 800×600) window to get acceptable performance while recording.
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