Gentrieve 2 Update: v1.5!

Hey all,

This is primarily a balancing update based on forum feedback. Changes in v1.5 should provide a more balanced and fun experience as the game progresses. Enemies will generally have less health later in the game & be vulnerable to more weapons. I’ve also made the “Advanced Vision” upgrade appear later in the game, but be easier to find — this should make it easier to find secret rooms that have important health boosts (and more). Finally, when you are low on health, I made enemies always drop needed items (like more health).

Gentrieve 2 is entering a “maintenance” mode, like 3079. Therefore, it will continue to be supported with bugfixes & balancing tweaks over time, but the game is otherwise finished. This is because Gentrieve 2 has reached a stable & fun milestone and development time is going to shift to my next big project: 3089!

– Phr00t


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