Gentrieve 2 roadmap changes, contests coming soon!

Hey all,

After much research and experimentation, I’m not going to include built-in gameplay recording and playback features. This was decided for a number of reasons:

  1. People prefer watching gameplay via YouTube instead of downloading a “replay” file, opening the game, and finally playing the “replay” file.
  2. Storing and accurately recreating smooth playback is terribly difficult when using a non-deterministic physics engine.
  3. I am unable to find a video recording library that is fast, cross-platform & has an nonrestrictive license.
  4. Free & easy to use video recording software already exists, like

This will free up quite a bit of development time for other improvements & projects. This also means we can get to Gentrieve 2 contests sooner!

Pricing will change! There will NOT be an increase in price for the Beta version, and the final version will only be $12 instead of $15. This is because I suspect Gentrieve 2 to hit Beta much sooner than expected.

A new trailer has also been created that features the new lighting & foliage effects. A new version of Gentrieve 2 is coming shortly, and I hope with that version, we can start with some contests! I will create a new “Contests” tab above 🙂

– Phr00t


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