Gentrieve 2 Update: v0.73a!

Hey all,

A new version of Gentrieve 2 is available — v0.73a. This version introduces foliage which will populate platforms in generated rooms. Some rooms will have foliage rising up from platforms, while other rooms will have foliage hanging down from platforms. If you are looking to improve performance, you can disable foliage in the Effects Config menu option (keep in mind that new foliage settings won’t become active until entering a new room). Effects configuration will now be saved when exiting Gentrieve 2 and starting it up.

A few gameplay tweaks were made as well. bombs & explosive boxes were made more useful by increasing their explosion radius. The tethering beam has been sped up to make it easier to make quick connections in the heat of battle. Enemy spawns & homing projectiles have also been improved.

Next up will be integrating some “Speed Run” features like gameplay recording and playback. This feature might take a bit more time, but I’m going to get started on it! I also want to get up some new screenshots and a new trailer, since Gentrieve 2’s visuals have improved quite a bit!

Thanks all,

– Phr00t


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