Gentrieve 2 Update: v0.68a!

Hey all,

I got in some reports of some nagging bugs, so I wanted to address those and get a new release out before taking on some bigger development goals. As a result, there is no “big” changes in this update, but lots of important tweaks and fixes have been made. Check out the “Version History” above to see all of the changes.

What are these bigger development goals I want to take on? I want to add some type of foliage. This would be like some type of mushrooms or swaying grass, depending on the area. Maybe even some security cameras and other little room “trinkets.” If you have a slower machine, I’ll have an option available to disable these extra little decorations — but I think they will give rooms more visual character. It also has been requested a bit in the forums!

I also want to get started on some “Speed Run”-specific features. I’d love to add some type of check-point timer. For example, when getting the first item in a world, it will tell you how many seconds ahead or behind you are from a previous run. Also, I want to get in some recording and playback features that would allow people to watch & verify other runs. Once these features get into place, then we can start some contests!

– Phr00t



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