Development update: Maps!

Hey all,

Gentrieve 2 is coming along great — the last “big pre-alpha development hurdle” has been passed: Maps!

Keep in mind that this is a complete map, so it looks very complex. The map will be revealed to you as you explore it, so you will learn the areas gradually. I also need to add room indicators for things like save rooms, health rooms, item/boss rooms etc.

Next up on the menu is lots of tweaking and gameplay testing. I got some good suggestions for action “quick use” keys that I need to implement, along with some more unique enemy models and behaviors. Finally, I’ll put in some sound effects and music, and we may have ourselves a playable alpha! 🙂

– Phr00t


6 thoughts on “Development update: Maps!

  1. Hi Phr00t!

    I’m trying to purchase Gentrieve 2 via BMT Micro, but I can’t find any way to change the $6 payment to $15. I’d like to both have access to the alpha and play the final version when it comes out. Am I missing something?


    • Hey freeformschooler,

      Since you are purchasing now, when the game is in pre-alpha, you get every version (including the final version) with your $6 purchase! The only people that will need to pay $15 will be those who wait until the game has already reached final status. Thank you for your support!

      – Phr00t

      • Also, sorry for the comment spam, but BMT Micro sent out a 68kb download of the installer. Is that just a temporary decoy until you have a playable pre-alpha or is the exception I’m getting unintended?

      • Yes, the small download is a temporary “Thank You” application. The download will be replaced with the alpha (beta & final too) when they get released! The exception is not intended, but it is just a window saying “Thank you!” if it ran 😛

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