Development Update: HUD & Storyline

Hey all,

A “Heads Up Display” is starting to come together! First important display will be “health” — which will now be represented by wrenches, since you are a robotic probe afterall 🙂 The green wrench will show how many health upgrades you have, which will determine your maximum health. Your shields will also be displayed, if you have that upgrade. The spots on the left will signify frost and flame suit upgrades. The blocks to the right will show passive and active (e.g. weapons & grappling hook) abilities, complete with ammo. I’m planning on using the mousewheel to select your primary ability, and Shift+mousewheel to select the secondary ability.

A map system is planned, but not implemented yet!

A story is also being fleshed out:

Many “Mass Generators”, which are often used to automatically generate robots and buildings for peaceful purposes, got stolen to create rogue robotic installations. However, thieves are generally terrible programmers, so the robotic installations came out awkward and the robots aggressive. As a result, the thieves abandoned the installations, if they were able to escape at all. You are in charge of controlling a versatile military probe, designed for finding Mass Generators deep within robotic installations, deactivating them, and returning them to official custody. Be warned, when a Mass Generator gets deactivated, its creations become unstable and eventually implode — so you must exit the installation as quickly as possible!


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