Development Update: Lights & Spikes!

Hey all,

Dynamic lighting is coming to Gentrieve 2! I’m also playing with some glowing effects and anti-aliasing, which will be configurable for slower video cards:

I’m also working on some new room objects, like spikes!

Powerups are coming along — working on a “dash” powerup that allows you to move quickly when double-tapping a direction. Big upcoming projects will be the Heads Up Display (HUD), video recording and in-game menu system.


2 thoughts on “Development Update: Lights & Spikes!

  1. Hi Phroot!

    I really enjoyed 3079, so you can only imagine my excitement when I saw you were remaking Gentrieve, one of the best free Metroid clones, in 3d. And procedurally generated! The graphics are quite a step up from 3079. I hope that this project pans out financially, as it has amazing potential.

    • Thanks man, I really appreciate it 🙂 I’m excited to implement all of the new things I’ve learned along the way!

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