Development Progress Update

I wanted to get a bit more content on this site, so I might as well share Gentrieve 2’s current development status!

Many pieces are already working: basic room generation, enemy generation & artificial intelligence, player physics & platforming mechanics, moving platforms, weapons & projectiles and world saving & loading. Much work still needs to be done on room generation, like putting in pools of water & lava, and other things like decorations. I also plan on having fully submerged rooms & other surprises. Powerups still need to be added, which will dictate how rooms will be generated based on the powerups required to get you there.

Here are some development screenshots! Keep in mind that this is still in very early development, and only one set of procedurally generated textures are being shown here (and enemies won’t be all one texture in later versions, hehe).

I hope to have pre-orders available in the next few days. Preliminary pricing will be $6 pre-order, $9 alpha, $12 beta and $15 final. Purchasing at any point will get you all future updates, including the final version. Alpha will be the first available version for download, which I hope to have in about 3 months, depending on how development goes!


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